Following the latest Government announcement

The Cutting Corner will reopen from Wednesday 2nd December

Following the long-awaited Government advice on 23rd June 2020, The Cutting Corner Traditional Barbershops can confirm, we will be re-opening our doors to customers on Saturday 4th July.


Although this is amazing news for us and our industry, our thoughts are also with those salons and barbers that have had to permanently close their doors.  The lockdown has definitely changed everything for our business and from day one, reopening our barbers will not be without its challenges. New safety measures will be introduced to protect everyone. New PPE equipment has been purchased and will be worn at all times and New waiting procedures will be adopted. We would ask all our customers to embrace and respect these new safety measures, especially as the team have spent considerable time and money getting to this point. We are excited to be reopening and cannot wait to welcome you all back.


Safety Measure


Every customer will be required to wear a face mask while on the premises.

Ideally, we would prefer you to bring your own face mask, as disposable masks remain difficult to acquire and our own stock is limited. If required, our staff will be able to issue a disposable mask to customers, but this will be subject to a cost of £2.00


For safety, our barbers will continue with the two-metre distancing rule.

Although the Government has relaxed the 2m social distancing rule, The Cutting Corner, with its customers and staff in mind has chosen to continue adhering to two metres. As a result, both barbershops will operate with only three chairs - we believe this is the right decision.


Cutting Corner staff will be wearing disposable PPE equipment at all times.

Please be aware your barber will be wearing disposable PPE equipment while cutting your hair, including an apron, gloves, face mask, and visor. Our aprons and gloves will be discarded and changed for every customer, minimising the risk at all times.


Beard Trims, Shaves & Facial Treatments are currently not available.

Government and Industry guidelines when it comes to specific services are still lacking in detail. Until we receive clarity or further guidance and airing on the side of caution, we have decided not offer Beard Trims, Shaves or Facial Treatments as this would require the removal of face coverings and closer contact.


Before entering our premises, all customers will be required to use sanitiser.

Cutting Corner staff, when welcoming you to our barbers will request that you first use the hand sanitiser on offer.


Contactless payments are now available in both Cutting Corner barbershops.

All our staff, in both barbershops now have the technology to accept contactless card payments. The safe use of cash is still dividing opinions, so we would encourage all our customers to please pay by card where possible.


The waiting areas on The Cutting Corner premises are no longer available.

Keeping everyone safe is our main priority and therefore the decision to remove the waiting areas in both barbershops makes perfect sense.


New pager technology we hope will minimise queuing outside our Barbers.

Customers queuing and gathering outside our barbershops and keeping everyone safe has caused our staff real concern. To minimise the risk, The Cutting Corner has purchased a healthy number of pagers per shop and these will be distributed to customers when reaching the front door. (more information to come)


Lockdown for many, has crippled their small business, a lack of income due to closure and now the requirement for new investment to acquire safety equipment and new tech, brings even more challenges.


However, this latest Government announcement does throw us a small lifeline and with it, an opportunity to save our business. It’s definitely a learning curve for everyone! Things will be different, costs have gone up and therefore prices will require a small increase, especially with the purchasing of new safety equipment and technology. We appreciate these are difficult times and therefore, we’re only implementing a minor increase, compared to similar businesses, solely to cover our additional costs and allow for the reduced working hours due to the new procedures. We are a community business, we’re desperate to continue serving our local community and we hope our community will also rally around us.


Customer Waiting & Pager Arrangements


Both Cutting Corner barbershops will only permit three customers into its premises at any one time and therefore our onsite waiting areas will no longer be available. All customers will be greeted at the front-door by our staff and advised of the new procedures, please refrain from entering our barbers until asked to do so.


If you arrive and there is no queue, our staff will check you are wearing your face mask, and request that you use the shop hand sanitiser before being escorted to your barber chair. Please note, our staff will also be wearing disposable PPE for your safety.


We are introducing a new pager system to minimise the queuing outside our barbers. Upon arrival at our front-door, you will be greeted by a member of staff and advised of our current wait time. Should you wish to queue, you will be issued with a pager and advised of its range so as not to miss your slot.


For our Bletchley customers, the pager range should be sufficient for you to visit the local Tesco or Co-op, enabling you to buy any shopping while you wait. Also, if open, the Three Trees Pub is an option should you wish purchase refreshments while you wait. Please do not park at the Three Trees if you are not planning to enter their establishment - it is solely for pub customers only. However, they are aware that our customers may be onsite for refreshments and will have pagers.


For our Winslow customers, we are confident the pager will allow you to wander freely up and down the high street. The Bell owners are aware of our new pager arrangements and if open, are happy for you to wait onsite providing you purchase food or beverage. In addition, there are a number of other shops, boutiques and coffee houses you could potentially visit.


Upon receiving your pager alert, we ask that you return to the barbers within five minutes. During this time, our staff will be sanitising their work area and preparing new PPE ready for your arrival. On the odd occasion where someone fails to arrive within the requested five minutes, please note this slot will be lost and the next customer paged. We will endeavour to reschedule the lost slot as quickly as possible.


Considering this lengthy lockdown period, we are expecting to be extremely busy and due to new safety measures, we know the waiting times will be longer than normal. Please be patient with us and with each other while you wait, especially as we’re all adapting to a new normal. Your overgrown mullets (hair styles) will be tackled as quickly as possible, we’re hoping for some wonderful before and after images.


#StaySafe #StayAlert


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